What Our Clients Say About Our Fragrances

Gonda Viljoen

I was gifted with perfume today!!! Wow!! What an amazing high end product! The fragrance lasted for the entire day and kept smelling better and better!

Leoni Louw

Same delivery and most friendly service and oh my God, the fragrance is to die for.

Reason Rusike

House of Ruvanathi, their oil based perfumes are the best. If you want to smell like a million dollars try any of their wide range of fragrances.

Tendai Nyangari

The House of Ruvanathi Perfumes smell exquisite and last for days!

Nombulelo Nondzaba

The house of Ruvanathi perfumes have a perfect scent that makes you feel like you and gives you the confidence boost you need to tackle the day,it has that power to affect your mood, reduce stress and relax your muscles, they have a pleasant aroma

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