A fragrance inspired by baby powder

By Shungu Dhlamini · Sep 28, 2020
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The idea of baby powder was born from scented Italian talcum powder and  according to Wikipedia, Johnson's Baby Powder was an invention of Dr. Frederick B. Kilmer. It debuted in 1893 and went to the market in 1894.

In 1893 the talc was packaged in a box that was originally distributed to midwives and given to mothers following childbirth. It is reported that the mothers loved it so much that the powder was later sold in pharmacies.(Well done mothers!!!!).Well we can safely say mothers all over the world have been loving the famous Johnson and Johnson's baby powder for 126 years precisely, as at the time of writing this post.

You may be thinking, wow, that is fascinating but what does that have to do with fragrances? Well it turns out, because baby powder fragrance has been around with us for so long, we associate it with warmth, cuteness, cuddles and love. Some people believe the baby powder scent is an imitation of what a baby or toddler smells like naturally. Whatever the case we love that smell, it's intoxicating.... in a good way of course.

What makes up the scent

Let's break down the notes of the baby powder fragrance. It could be a best kept secret of Johnson and Johnson's but it is theorized that the two key fragrance notes are, Rose and Vanilla notes, which are imparted by the 0.2% mix of fragrant oils together with odourless corn starch. Other theories suggest that it is a mix of tonka beans and blackberry notes while yet others argue it is just violet essential oil. Whatever the case there is a general agreement this divine fragrance is made up of benzoin, orris root, tonka bean, vanilla, tumeric, heliotrope, iris, amber, aldehydes. Depending on creaters of various clones, these may differ in composition.

The good news

We hope we have added a bit of knowledge to your fragrance "body of knowledge". Why did we do this post?...Because we stock fragrances that are inspired by Johnson and Johnson's baby powder for both ladies and gents( yaaaay). Wow, can it get any better than that? While we expect this to be used as perfume, a lot of our clients actually use this as room spray as it keeps the room smelling amazing the whole day. Others use it to keep bedding smelling great and yet others buy it for their teens. What will you use it for? Dont be left out, get yours today and give this try. Contact us

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