Our Story

Flowers exude attractive natural fragrances, making surroundings a place of delight. This inspired us into the fragrance world. The name House of "Ruvanathi" is derived from the Shona word "Ruva" which means "flower" and "nathi" is derived from the isiXhosa word "unathi" meaning "with us".

As the flower gives off fragrance that is always with us, at House of Ruvanathi we also offer a wide range of designer inspired fragrances that will linger with you, long after your first spray. Our oil-based fragrances will always pay tribute to their original inspirations and are uniquely crafted to last long, mesmerize your brain and take you through a memorable voyage without actually moving places.

Our Mission is to get everyone smelling amazing without breaking the bank. After all, while confidence is the best outfit , perfume is the second best!

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